Tuesday, December 28, 2004

03-Anarchy Now

I beileve in the words of comedic genius Brent Butt when he says, "I once saw a guy, you know one of those squeegee kids. He was literally 74 pounds. He was wearing one of those anarchists t-shirts. You know, the ones with the circled A. I don't kow if he was really ready for a land of complete choas, all 74 pounds of him. I'd say by day 2 of anarchy he would have a 300 pound biker drinking soup from his bashed in skull."
I don't understand why anyone would want anarchy. I often wonder what it would be like, a world with no rules, other a blissful utopia, or more likely, utter chaos. Would everyone work together to acheive a unified society as many utopian socialists hope. I beileve human nature is esstially good, and as Rousseau puts it, everywhere is shackles. Our minds are already corrupted with evil. Anarchy would only bring about mass chaos and calamity. But what would happen next? After the "300 pound bikers" asserted their rule over the weak. Would their be hope, would the weak band together and overthrow the strong? Would the rulers become corrupted and their power slowly dissolve? So many questions are brought up it is an endless discussion. Our society is so fucked up any way would the evil of anarchy be greater than the evils of our present day uber capitalism? But one things for sure I would rather sit around getting fat while letting some fat ass politician controll my fate than fighting for my life. So in closing anarchy = bad, capitalism = good and stop fucking complaining. If you anarchy fuckers want anarchy i say grease you up and throw you in a pit filled with horny male prisoners and pointy objects. I'm sure getting fudge-packed is enough anarchy for them.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

01-Welcome to my BLOG

Hey, welcome to stink-o-man's rant. This is where I express my opinions about the world around me.
First of all I don't give a fuck about your opinion only mine. I don't care if you are totally, morally opposed to what I think. I don't care if my grammer sucks, only Strong Bad can tell me how to write. If you don't like what you hear leave my fucking blog, don't waste your or my time by e-mailing me stupid shit. I DON'T CARE.
Now thats out of the way. I like when people agree with my opinions and I like shutting down people who don't. I hope to write monthly or weekly enteries and I hope you will write in too.
If you have any questions or any shit like that feel free to e-mail me @ reefernugget@gmail.com. Don't add me to any spam shit, or I will track you down and kill you.


02-WTF Adam Sandler

My first rant is about comedy genius Adam Sandler, or at least he was a comedy genius. In my personal opinion his movies have declined into shit. I used to sit on my couch as a kid and shit my pants watching Waterboy, Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. Then Little Nicky came, it was good but it ushered in the eventual decline of Adam's career. Adam Sandler movies became few and far between. Adam then began to make, sob, chick flicks. It started with the cinimatic snoozefest Punch Drunk Love and now Spanglish. His newer comidies, 5o First Dates and Mr.Deeds employed stupid, overused jokes to make them funny, but they weren't funny. Adam even turned to the spectrum of cartoons with little luck. So where is one to go now that the comedic fountain of Adam Sandler has run dry. Alas, there is an oasis in the desert and its name is Will Farell. He rose to comedic power through Night at The Rocksberry, Superstar and Austin Powers. Now he shits all over Adam Sandler with movies like Anchorman and Elf. So all you lost and confused Sandler fans your comedic plates shall be filled. There is a new face of comedy and its name is Will Farell.